Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mail's Here!! It's The Weekly Project Run(A)Way Mailbag

First, to maintain good karma, let me start by shamelessly plugging my other blog site,, where this week I write about shopping for an engagement ring (it wasn't fun).

And now, let's get to the letters:

Gay.After.A.Few writes:

9:15 p.m. . . . "If I were gay, I'd marry Jerry." If? (Closet gay. That's all I'm saying.)

OK, this is the latest in a series of recent comments questioning whether I'm a closet gay. Let me be clear: I am not a closet gay. If I was gay, I wouldn't be in the closet about it. I live in Los Angeles, where gayness is flaunted. In fact, as a straight guy, I'm in the minority in some areas around here.

And staying on the "Is Nev a closet gay" line of questioning, my friend Stephanie writes:

Nev, I think your love of Jerry actually solidifies your heterosexuality. Jerry is the wussiest gay whose ever been on the show. He might as well be a woman. An annoying one at that.

And let me add: He obviously spends a ton of time styling his hair. Definitely a wuss.

He's still my favorite, though. He wears normal shirts (usually).

Speaking of Jerry's hair, my beautiful fiancee Ramona writes:

Guys have bad taste in men. Jerry? Seriously? His hair is enough to make me run away. Maybe that weird comb-over thing he's got going on in the front distracted the judges into voting Terri off. She's been one of the two or three top designers this whole season and that should've counted for something. Plus, her dress really wasn't that bad.

Relationships, people, are all about compromise. The compromise here: We agree that Jerry's hair sucks and Terri the crack whore is gone. You give a little, you get a little.

Switching topics, loyal reader Another Suburban Mom talked about Avant Garde:

I don't understand 'Avant Guarde' either, and I am a chick.

Glad that "Avant Garde" confusions crosses both genders.

And finally, Orion writes:

9:55pm Jerell wins:"Oh me oh my!"You forgot the "well who woulda thunk it?"I'm gay and I don't even condone that reaction.

Nor do I, Orion. In fact, he could've balled his eyes out like he does whenever someone gets elimimated, and that would've been a more acceptable reaction than "me-my" and "thunk."

I mean Jesus, Jerell, pretend to be a man. You're not appealing to either straights or gays. And you know what that makes you?



Gay.After.A.Few said...

This mailbag thing is kinda fun. Maybe you & your better half (no, I'm not talking 'bout your fiancee, Ramona) could write an advice column. I'm gonna need to be entertained after PR ends.

Ramona said...

I agree. I'm trying to talk Nev into doing another blog on a show he hates this fall. Any suggestions??? I'm thinking we should stick with Bravo fare...

gay.after.a.few said...

hey ramona! Sorry for calling your future husband a big 'mo. I just figured if he can dish it out, well let's see if he can take it. (That Nev, he's a keeper.) There's a ridiculous show starting tomorrow night (9-16) Real Housewives ATL, I think. I already hate it, but my no-so-gay other half is insisting we watch it.

Ramona said...

Oh my gosh, I saw the preview episode of it and it's sooooooo fantastically bad I'm going to have to watch it :)

Don't know if I can make Nev watch that though. I'm thinking more along the lines of Top Chef ... or Millionaire Matchmaker. He could have a field day with those.