Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's Official: The Weekly Project Run(A)Way Mailbag!!!

Since I've gotten so much positive response from making references to readers' comments, I've decided to make it a weekly thing. Also a weekly thing: The shameless promotion of my other blog!! My longtime girlfriend Ramona is now my fiancee. :-) Go to and read about me trying to figure out her ring size.

And now, let's see what some readers have to say:

Longtime reader Another Suburban Mom writes:

I am bereft over Stella's aufing. She was the most consistently entertaining person on the show, and she remained true to herself in the end and had a classy exit.

Have to agree with you there, ASM. And yes, you have cute boobs. Happy now? My fiancee will be reading this and treating me to an indeterminable period of stony silence.

Texas cutie Kristi writes:

I'm surprised I feel this way, but I'm going to miss her (Stella) too. I agree with suburban mom. I like the way she left. I'm sad there will be no more stories about Ratbones.

Ah, Ratbones. We hardly knew ye. That seriously was my favorite Stella moment, with her banging a hammer a close second.

Switching topics away from Stella, Jessie writes:

Yes, models take off their clothes in front of rooms full of people. They weigh four pounds, what do they care?

I am now, as of this moment, looking for jobs where female models are aplenty.

Commenting on the fact that I've never seen the movie "A Foreign Affair," my good friend Stephanie writes:

Nev, if you're not careful, I'm going to have to make a mandatory movie list for you.

This coming from the NYU film student who has yet to see "The Godfather." Bet you thought I forgot that, huh Steph? :-)

And finally, an anonymous reader writes:

Fuck you, Nev. I'm straight & I read your blog. I'd probably do you after a few drinks, though ...

Thanks, I think you're nice too. Don't forget to tell all your other "I'm straight but I become gay after a few alcoholic concoctions" friends about my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Augh--where's your commentary on the 10-1 show??