Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kenley Haters Everywhere: The Weekly Project Run(A)Way Mailbag

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A lot of you HATED Kenley after the last episode. Maybe it was jealousy over the fact that her "before" picture wasn't half bad, I don't know. I rip on her, as we all know, but readers showed a downright loathing for "Bitch of Daniel."

Another Suburban Mom writes:

I hate Kenley. I just want to gag her with some leftover fabric, rip that stupid flower out of her hair and shove it up her butt. I wish she would leave my tv.

Geez ASM, tell us how you really feel. If you come across Kenley in a dark alley, I will fear for her life. LOL

Kristi writes:

I used to love Kenley, but the last few episodes have made me want to stick something sharp in her eye!

I advise a knife. Simple, sharp, effective, cheap. And it likely won't break on impact.

Stephanie writes:

Dude, words cannot describe my loathing for Kenley at this point. I can't believe none of the judges confronted her about giggling on the runway when someone else's work was being critiqued. What, is she twelve? She can't control herself? How rude.

In Kenley's defense, I was downright in hysterics when I saw some of the crap that was walking down the runway. Sometimes, it's just too hard to keep a straight face. Especially seeing Joe's fat model.

And speaking of Joe's fat model, Steph also added:

Joe's poor model was not fat, he just dressed her in exceptionally unflattering clothing.

I agree about the clothes. Joe needed to find something better for fat model Laura to wear. Perhaps a tarp?

And finally, on a completely different note, gay.after.a.few writes:

Do you know how many bacteria live in jacuzzi's? You're probably like a hetero-petri dish at this point.

In my defense, it was to win a bet.

I won $5.

And respect.

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Ramona said...

So you're going to rip Kenley this week, right?

Seriously, we need some flogging