Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Official: No One Likes This Show: The Weekly Project Run(A)Way Mailbag:

If the comments I received after last episode were any indication, I'm not the only one who hates this show (damn, I thought I had the market cornered). Check out what readers had to say:

Another Suburban Mom said:

The ending was lame. I was watching Criminal Minds last night and turned on PR for the last five minutes.

I think they did that because the producers don't want Kenley to go.

If I was Miss Jerrell, I would be pissed!

ASM, I would love nothing more than to only watch the last five minutes of the show, find out who lost, and then bullshit the first 55 minutes of the blog. Hell, I doubt anyone would even notice. Just talk about Korto's ass, Kenley's self-esteem issues, and Jerell's crying and ironing. Who would know the difference?

Kristi said:

I knew they were going to pull a stunt like not eliminating anyone. Last year PR did the same thing.

I can't believe they didn't send Kenley home. I so do not want to watch 12 50s style dresses come down the runway.

And the thing is, Kenley has no endearing qualities. She's not pretty, her voice makes you want to pull out her tongue and strangle her, and her clothes aren't even good enough to be considered bad in a "oh man that's so bad that it's actually funny" kind of way. How hard could it be to tell her to go home and throw her clothes out of the window? I'd of volunteered for luggage tossing duty.

And finally, Stephanie said:

Okay but seriously, Kenley's dress looked so ridiculous, and she needs to shut the fuck up and stop trying to defend herself.

Any artist worth their salt will listen to critique, evaluate it, and then decide whether or not it's something that they should address in their work. Kenley never even listens.

I've never met a woman who listens.

Even the female dog I had growing up would just sit there when I told her to get my slippers.

Damn dog.

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Kristi said...

The final four were on Regis and Kelly this morning.

Guess what? Kenley CRIES! Can you believe it?