Monday, October 13, 2008

A Heidi See-Through I Missed, Different Thoughts On Jerell, And A Kenley Fact That Makes Me Feel Better: The Weekly Project Run(A)Way Mailbag

Sorry for the delay in the mailbag. I was up at Stanford for my fiancee's alumni weekend. It gave me an opportunity to remind myself of why I hate sports bars. They're loud, full of drunks, you can't move, and you can't hear the TV.

It's like being at a family function.

Anyways, the final mailbag before the season finale. Kristi isn't happy. Why is that?

If they would have gotten rid of Kenley last week like they were supposed too, my beloved Jerell wouldn't be gone. OK, so his bridesmaid dress was a hot mess, but who cares. He's Jerell. He's fabulous.

And it kills me to admit this, but Kenley's wedding and bridesmaid dress were kinda cute.

I just hope she doesn't win. PR can't disappoint me like that!

P.S. I'm a little surprised that you didn't spend half of your post discussing Heidi's see-through shirt from the beginning of the episode.

Admittedly, I missed that. It's time you know: I'm like most males. After a while, I get bored and need variety.

Jessie wrote:

I'm in agreement with Kristi.... I can't believe you didn't mention Heidi's shirts. I think both of them were see-through.

All right all right. Next time Heidi wears a see-through, I'll write about that and nothing else. Just to keep y'all happy.

Orion wrote:

Jerell's dress was ridiculous. I thought the bridesmaid's dress was quite good. His "love interest" turned my stomach. And the mental image of them together? That was enough for me to want him auf'd.

Leanne's dresses were both really nicely done and it was nice to see Karalyn again. I like how the bridesmaid dress covered up the knife wound scar in Karalyn's back.

Korto's was, disappointing. But I think what was more disappointing was her hair in Little Rock.

Kenley's was awesome but.... She has no friends and family? At all?! Just a picture of gran? That was really, REALLY sad and made me empathize (or is it sympathize) with her all the more.

It's sympathize. I'm an editor. I know these things.

Gay.after.a.few wrote:

Thanks for the updates, Nev. I've ditched the show for baseball. I'll watch the finally (yes "finally," not "finale") with the gf. I did see a picture of Kenley's wedding gown. WTF? All that was missing was a birdcage hat. How'd you like to see your fiancee come down the aisle in that? You're right about one thing: bridesmaids are easy.

Aren't they? And here's the funny thing: Maids of honor are not. They're harder to climb than Everest. But bridesmaids are the opposite. Is it jealousy on their end? Is it because the MOH is too busy keeping the bride in check?

And finally, my good friend Sylvia wrote:

Just had to let you know all you really have in common with Kenley is the grandma reference. She is from Florida and moved to Brooklyn. Hope that makes you feel a little better. =)

Sylvia, you have no idea. :-)

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